Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Dossier is in the Mail!!!

I'm so THRILLED  to report that we mailed our Dossier today! The letter from South Carolina that we were waiting on came in on Tuesday. We had a small delay with Thanksgiving mail but 6 months of paperwork is on it's way to All God's Children. It will hopefully be approved by Friday and we will get our waiting list number. Once we are on the waiting list we expect a 10-12 month or so wait for our referral. Then we will see our sweet baby's picture and proceed with more paperwork to bring her home. This is such a huge milestone for us and we are beyond EXCITED! The lady at the UPS store didn't even look at me strange when I asked her to take a picture of me with the box.

Leigh Anne


  1. Congrats! We just sent ours in last week, great feeling isn't it!!

  2. yayyyy, so excited for you guys....what a great relief to have that out of the way....wonderful news, kristi

  3. ps...now get on the agci list serve...you'll love it..ask your caseworker to get you on it...kj

  4. YAY!!! SO excited for ya'll! Can't wait to hear what your first waitlist number is!!